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    1st / 2nd Commis Pastry

    In this position you will be assigned to work under the direct supervision of a CDP Pastry. In addition to specifically assigned tasks, you will provide general assistance to the CDP Pastry and / or any member of the Pastry department as instructed by the Executive Pastry Chef.

    Job responsibilities include:

    • Regularly demonstrates a growing understanding of basic ingredients and required production skills and increasing knowledge of the product range.
    • Regularly seeks guidance from the Executive Pastry/Bakery Chef /Chief Baker and Chef de Partie in executing production according to Company recipes.
    • Assists and trains in the Bakery operation as directed by the Executive Pastry /Bakery Chef acquiring the skills necessary to learn equipment use and carry out the production to the desired standard and earn a bakery competency.
    • Always carries out production in assigned area/station according to Company recipes and picture presentation as directed by the Executive Pastry/ Bakery Chef, Chief Baker, or Chef de Partie.
    • Always participates in the service of pastry products during restaurant opening hours as directed.


    • 1 to 3 years of prior work experience in a Pastry environment and good knowledge of English is essential, both verbal and written
    • Knowledge of basic pastry preparation, presentation, and preservation
    • Basic knowledge of Public Health and Sanitation regulations and procedures
    • Should have basic training in the Pastry department
    • Ability to organize and complete work by deadlines
    • Command of the English language

    This position is afforded comfortable, shared cabin accommodations, meals, and access to crew facilities such as a crew bar, fitness center, pool, and a recreation center.

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