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  • Junior Assistant Food & Beverage Manager

    Junior Assistant Food & Beverage Manager

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    • 1. Responsible to ensure that all aspects of the Responsible Service of Alcohol policies and procedures are met and adhered to by passengers and fellow crew throughout the vessel.
    • 2. In conjunction with the Storekeeper, provide analysis of bar stores consumption to assist the Food & Beverage Manager and Assistant Food & Beverage Manager (Bars) with the ordering of supplies.
    • 3. Account for any stock transfers between onboard locations.
    • 4. Compile a physical inventory routine for each location. Verify levels of inventory at least once per cruise or more, if required, e.g. crew bar daily or any bar where high variances are occurring.
    • 5. Prepare daily revenue analysis by bar location for the Staff First Purser F&B and First Purser F&B, as well as the Food & Beverage Manager and Assistant Food & Beverage Manager (Bars) and compare against previous results and against budgets set by PCSC.
    • 6. Assist with bar rounds as required by the Food & Beverage Manager.
    • 7. Be conversant with USPH standards and requirements.
    • 8. Attend passenger cocktail parties as required.
    • 9. Perform any and all such duties as may be assigned by the Staff First Purser F&B, First Purser F&B, Food & Beverage Manager (Bars), Assistant Food & Beverage Manager (Bars), Passenger Services Director, and/or other senior management.


    • Must have written oral command of the English language as required by company policy
    • Must have working knowledge of wine and beverage products and cocktail presentation and preparation
    • • Good social skills
    • • Ability to further his/her knowledge
    • • Ability to work under pressure
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