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    Production Assistant

    Personal characteristics:

    Understanding the principles of performing arts and basic lighting and audio systems.


    • He works as part of the production team to maintain the technical performance standards for the assigned places.
    • Assist production managers to keep all equipment, stage and props within the assigned locations and around the vessel as directed.
    • Assists with the preparation of shows and events in regards to A / V equipment, scenic products, props, lighting and rigging.
    • It assists the production managers with the maintenance of all the technical equipment that is requested, to maintain the quality of the production programs.
    • Continually develop knowledge in audio, lighting and video equipment used in specific places. Assists the Technical Department with repairs and general operations.
    • Complies with fleet regulations and other internal, external and governmental regulations applicable at all times
    • Voluntarily helps the supervisor maintain good safe work practices at work
    • Adheres to safe work practices, including the proper use of PPE and the correct lifting techniques at all times.

    C.R.U.I.S.E AND CORE values:

    1. Demonstrates commitment to the values, beliefs, goals and initiatives of the Company.
    2. It constantly maintains our core values and the C.R.U.I.S.E. philosophy.
    3. He acts as a company representative and always presents a positive image of Princess Cruises to all passengers, officers and crew.
    4. He always maintains professional, effective and motivated working relationships in all disciplines, taking into account differences in cultures, backgrounds and individual personalities.
    5. It promotes a harassment-free environment at all times.


    Must speak english

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