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    Provision Utility

    Receives, stores, and issues food and beverage and related items. Maintains proper inventory management techniques (FIFO), requisitioning guidelines, shrinkage and spoilage logs. Utilizes proper key control procedures.  Arranges food according to stock and rotates food items to ensure the freshest quality. Follows procedures for disposing of spoiled items and transports to designated collection areas.

    Arranges, cleans and sanitizes the storerooms, freezers and provision areas according to USPH standards. Operates cleaning equipment, scrapers, brooms and variety of hand and power tools to maintain work area in a clean and orderly manner and according to USPH standards.

    • Minimum one to two years previous cleaning experience, preferably in large 4 or 5 star hotels, resorts, or related facilities.
    • Knowledge of proper cleaning techniques, requirements and use of equipment.
    • Knowledge of proper chemical handling.
    • Knowledge of public health standards (USPH) related to storeroom management of a variety of dry, fresh and frozen food and beverage products.
    • Ability to learn and follow proper inventory management procedures such as stock rotation, proper requisitioning, cycle counts, etc.
    • Previous inventory experience preferred.
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