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    Cruise Entertainment Staff

    Hosts and participates in shipboard recreational, entertainment and social programs geared towards adults and families. Serves as master of ceremonies to motivate, inform and entertain small and large groups of guests throughout their cruise vacation. Each shipboard employee may be required to perform all functions in various venues and throughout the ship.

    • Participates in Adventure Ocean themed activities, and hosts Family Activities, Family Festivals, and Boardwalk activities. This includes, but is not limited to: Talent Shows, Circus performances, Face Painting, Balloon Animals, Magic Tricks, Costume parades
    • Participates in shows and events presented by the Cruise Director’s Division by taking part in skits, and/ or simple dance routines.
    • Demonstrates Passion, Drive and Energy
    • Works with Entertainment Team to participate in and socialize during key guest events to create visibility to awareness with guests
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