Our vision

We want to be one of the chosen companies in Southamerica and Centralamerica, in recruitment and administration of crewmembers, providing the best opportunities to those who want to work on board, growing personal and professionally.

SELECTION PARTNERS, the best opportunities, the best crewmembers!


Graciela Bidone


I enjoy working at Selection Partners because I have the chance to interact with a wide variety of individuals. We offer individuals both a professional and personal opportunity to change their lives. I insure that they have the support they need. It is very rewarding to know how they grow and develop during the time they are abroad. The driving force in my job is to help our candidates to make their dreams become true linking this with our business partners’ and customers’ expectations.

Alejandro “Alex” Spinelli


I believe than in this new XXI, development, learning and growth is closely linked to the social networks. Thus, as the end of XX century saw the Human Resources playing a key role in people’s development, today the Social Networks acquire a major role in human development. My purpose, aligned with Selection Partners vision, is to communicate work availability to help to optimize the opportunities of growing for our customers, associates and team members.

Andrea Vila


It is my mission to generate the conditions so that our culture and its values are lived in each key person of the team, constituting a collaborative, proactive network aimed at providing the best quality of service to each person with whom we interact. My commitment is to be close to assist and guide in the issues related to organizations and human resources of those who are part of Selection Partners.

Sofia Alster


“As a HR Assistant what I like most is the direct contact with candidates from different corners of Latin America and as part of the role I accompany them in the process to work on board receiving their queries and being in the step by step”

Angelo Michael Tramontana


for rehires Argentina, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Uruguay and others nationalities in Sudamerica for Princess Cruises

My Work at Selection Partners is to administrate Crew Members from Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia and Central America. After so many years in this industry Selection Partners has given me the opportunity to express knowledge and work experience for those crew members who just started. Being an 1st Officer in Guest Relations and Concierge I have learnt that Professionalism, Good Conduct and Discipline are the essence for a great career. This is what we want to convey to each of our applicants who are looking for success on board our Cruise Ships.

Roberto Bianchi


After having worked for eight years on ships, I enjoy sharing my knowledge, experiencing and giving new possibilities to crew members, so that they can live this great experience of travelling and working all around the world, discovering new cultures. I share with you the possibility of living and taking part of this life overseas, learning from an either individual and team work, while you travel and visit new places.

Facundo Minutella


for new hires and rehires Peru. New hires others nationalities in Sudamerica except Brasil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Centramerica & Chile, for Princess Cruises

Being part of Selection Partners gives me the chance to grow every day. Helping everyone discover the world and experience new adventures is a challenge I share with a group of excellent professionals.

Sebastián Avalos Billinghurst


for new hires and re hires Brasil for Princess Cruises. New hires y re hires all nationalities for P&O Australia

I would like to thank Selection Partners for giving me the opportunity to bring my experience as a former crew member to simplify and streamline the embarkation process. I want to help Crewmembers to have the best onboarding experience by either assisting them through the process or simply answering their questions. And for all those who still wonder if they should give it a try, I would say “YES” it is a unique and unforgettable experience!

Julieta Schwartzmann


Responsible of the pre-screening of candidates.

Manage communication in the social media. Marketing. Branding

The experience onboard is much more than a job opportunity, it is also a great possibility to discover new worlds. Being able to offer people to embark in this journey, not just as a profitabe activity but as a self development and self discovery journey, makes our daily work even more meaningful. Being part of the team that every day helps to make a lot of people’s dreams come true makes our jobs even more rewarding.

Cielo passet


Responsible of selection. Content generation. Branding

Embarkations to new hires y rehires for Royal Caribbean Cruises

I’ve started working on ships as a photographer and ended my shipboard career in the HR department as Human Resources Specialist. Working on board was an incredible and amazing experience where I’ve learnt and grew a lot personally and professionally. I love to share my experience through Social Media and encourage people to apply and change their lives!

Federico Abalo


for new hires y re hires Honduras and Chile. New hires Centroamerica. Re hires Nicaragua for Princess Cruises. New hires any nationality for Starboard

Throughout history various cultures have been kept awake by the wonderful dream of knowing the whole world.
Today, with every destination already known, what remains is to discover it by ourselves. And what better way than that we are also paid for it?
Our challenge in Selection Partners is to provide the crew all the chances so that they can enjoy a successful work experience, as it was dreamed and without inconvenience.
Selection Partners is giving me the opportunity to acquire the knowledge from the cultural exchange with people from all over Latin America, which I consider invaluable.

In colaboration