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    We want to be one of the chosen companies in Southamerica and Centralamerica, in recruitment and administration of crewmembers, providing the best opportunities in those who want to work on board, growing personal and professionally.
    SELECTION PARTNERS, the best opportunities, the best crewmembers!

    Graciela Bidone

    International Operations Manager - CEO

    I enjoy working at Selection Partners because I have the chance to interact with a wide variety of individuals. We offer individuals both a professional and personal opportunity to change their lives. I insure that they have the support they need. It is very rewarding to know how they grow and develop during the time they are abroad. The driving force in my job is to help our candidates to make their dreams become true linking this with our business partners’ and customers’ expectations.

    Alejandro “Alex” Spinelli


    I believe than in this new XXI, development, learning and growth is closely linked to the social networks. Thus, as the end of XX century saw the Human Resources playing a key role in people’s development, today the Social Networks acquire a major role in human development. My purpose, aligned with Selection Partners vision, is to communicate work availability to help to optimize the opportunities of growing for our customers, associates and team members.

    Angelo Michael Tramontana

    Embarkation Administrator for Rehires except Peruvians, Brazilians and Hondurans (Princess) - Embarkation Administrator for the candidates of Costa Crociere and Starboard

    My Work at Selection Partners is to administrate Crew Members from Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia and Central America. After so many years in this industry Selection Partners has given me the opportunity to express knowledge and work experience for those crew members who just started. Being an 1st Officer in Guest Relations and Concierge I have learnt that Professionalism, Good Conduct and Discipline are the essence for a great career. This is what we want to convey to each of our applicants who are looking for success on board our Cruise Ships.

    Roberto Bianchi

    Embarkation Administrator for Chileans and Peruvians New Hires (Princess) - Interviewer - Recruiter of all nationalities for RCCL

    After having worked for eight years on ships, I enjoy sharing my knowledge, experiencing and giving new possibilities to crew members, so that they can live this great experience of travelling and working all around the world, discovering new cultures. I share with you the possibility of living and taking part of this life overseas, learning from an either individual and team work, while you travel and visit new places.

    Facundo Minutella

    Embarkation Administrator for Peruvians rehires (Princess)

    Being part of Selection Partners gives me the chance to grow every day. Helping everyone discover the world and experience new adventures is a challenge I share with a group of excellent professionals.

    Analía Peón

    Embarkation Administrator for Brazilians and Argetineans New Hires (Princess and P&O Australia) - handle the communication in the social media

    Selection Partners gives me the chance to build the dream of those who wish to embark on this adventure. My mission is to provide all the necessary support to make it happen and, at the same time, make this adventure a unique experience. Every dream is important for us and Selection Partners works individually with every candidate to fulfil it.

    Julieta Schwartzmann

    Recruitment Specialist - Coordinator for Royal Caribbean Group - RCCL - Responsible of the communication through the Newsletters

    The experience onboard is much more than a job opportunity, it is also a great possibility to discover new worlds. Being able to offer people to embark in this journey, not just as a profitabe activity but as a self development and self discovery journey, makes our daily work even more meaningful. Being part of the team that every day helps to make a lot of people’s dreams come true makes our jobs even more rewarding.

    Federico Abalo

    Embarkation Administrator for Hondurans (Princess) - Embarkation Administrator of Peruvian JWTRs and WTRs (Princess)

    Throughout history various cultures have been kept awake by the wonderful dream of knowing the whole world.
    Today, with every destination already known, what remains is to discover it by ourselves. And what better way than that we are also paid for it?
    Our challenge in Selection Partners is to provide the crew all the chances so that they can enjoy a successful work experience, as it was dreamed and without inconvenience.
    Selection Partners is giving me the opportunity to acquire the knowledge from the cultural exchange with people from all over Latin America, which I consider invaluable.


    Infinity Brazil Crew Training Brazil

    Operations in Brazil – Infinity Brazil

    Our agency has more than 12 years of experience in recruiting crew personnel all over Brazil. We have a very extensive experience in a wide range of positions for the cruise ships, having served and contributed to first line companies such as Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean and many others.
    It is a pleasure and also a challenge to join to Selection Partners South American team as a recruiting office and contribute to expand the offer and also the territory to recruit the best resources for these cruise companies.
    Infinity Brazil – Crew Training Brazil.
    Office: 13 3224.7734 / 13 3224.6202
    [email protected]


    Portside is a Brazilian company, which started its activities in September 2008. Our CEOs worked for 6 years onboard, therefore we do understand how important is to hire experienced and qualified candidates. Our expertise is in cruise ship industry recruitment, and in recent years we have provided professionals for resorts, hotels, and restaurants in Brazil and the USA.

    Additionally our mission and values are to transform lives and make dreams of professional come true, through the permanent search for improvement in the quality of our services, behaving with commitment, creativity and dedication, always honoring our commitments with candidates and partners. We are grateful to work in partnership with Selection Partners. Portside Agency

    Phone: +55 41 3352 1001

    Mobile/ WhatsApp: +55 41 9 9895 0072

    [email protected]


    CRC Peru

    Operations in Perú – CRC

    Selection Partners has an agreement with CRC-PERU (www.crc-peru.com) that states the CRC will perform the pre-screening in Peru for Princess Cruise Line, Starboard and Image Photo. If you live in Peru and are interested in applying send your cv to:
    [email protected]
    or call us to (01) 421-1672. Come visit us at Av. Del Ejercito 657 A – Miraflores, Lima-PERU.

    Sindicato marítimo de trabajadores Hondureños

    Operations in Honduras – EMMA

    “Thanks to Selection Partners for the opportunity to be part of the great team work. We feel happy to be representatives in Honduras. It is a wonderful experience working with Selection Partners”.
    We are located in Puerto Cortes, Honduras. Our goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction, and therefore we take our job with responsibility for developing a successful working relationship, which begins with the performance and promotes a careful service.
    In order to offer personalized service, you can contact us or send your CV to any of the following email addresses:
    [email protected] / [email protected]
    Office phone (504) 26650483 / Mobile Phone (504) 94885313 & 9792-5418
    Skype Esmarth983

    INSTITUTO LACUESTA – Capacitando para el futuro

    Recruiting and training of crewmembers for cruise ships in Uruguay

    Since 1990 our Institute is dedicated to train young people for different positions in the tourisms industry, serving in this way the most important companies in Punta del Este for the specialization of their staff. Today we join SELECTION PARTNERS to develop the recruitment and training of persons in our country that would like to work on board with the best Cruise companies of the world.

    Contact information: +59842235085–WHATSAPP-095 796882

    [email protected]


    Costa Rica ASTERIZ S.A.

    What excites me about being a representative is having the opportunity to open the doors to that wonderful world for adventurers like me. There are experiences that you will never forget and when you look back and remember countries that you have stepped on, the challenges you have overcome and people you met, you’ll understand that you will not be the same person or the world is the same for you. Languages, cooking, curiosities and the whole range of good experiences and learning, open the door in Central America and I am very happy to be part of this project!

    Inna Drobinoga

    email: [email protected]

    phone: (506) 8883 7967

    Operations in Chile 

    My name is Michael Gutierrez, director of Jobactiva. I have been working with Selection Partners for over 12 years. My experience started when I got recruited by SP to work onboard Princess Cruises, after a while and having a successful career on board. I had the opportunity to work with Selection Partners managing all the recruiting coordination in Chile.  With many years of partnership and experience, I can proudly say we keep growing and giving the opportunity to many people who want to grow in a personal and professional way. And of course, live an unique experience.

    Michel Gutierrez
    Partner and Co-Founder

    ​Additional application information:​
    Mail [email protected]
    Phone: 0229790130
    Santiago Chile

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