Frequently Asked Questions


  • Two easy ways: filling up the form on Web site or sending your CV in English, in Word with your picture to [email protected].

Once your CV is approved, you will have a Skype interview in English. If you pass, you will start with the process to be travel ready.

To apply you must be over 21 years old, have experience in the area you are applying to and an excellent level of English. This level may range from Advanced to Intermediate upon depending of the grade of interaction with passengers.

Positions available: Restaurant and Buffet, Galley, Reception, Housekeeping, Bar, Boutiques, Photo and Entertainment, including Youth Counseling.

SP recruits in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Brazil, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Selection Partners operates in the following countries: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru y Honduras. If you want to apply, you must have your permanent address in any of those countries.

Chile, Colombia, Ecuador y Costa Rica:
Selection Partners
[email protected]
Teléfono: 54 11 4639-4932

[email protected]
Telefono: 51 13 2234-7734

[email protected]
Telefono: 55 41 3352 1001

Patricia Betalleluz
[email protected]
Phone number: 51 1 421-1672

[email protected]
Telefono: 55 13 32247734

[email protected]
Telefono: 55 41 3352 1001

ESMARTH, sindicato marítimo de trabajadores Hondureños
Adress: Puerto Cortes, Cortes Honduras C.A
Phone numbers: (504)2642-1158 /(504) 9693-4081/9488- 5313
Skype: esmarth983
Email: [email protected] y [email protected]


Yes, it does, in a case of Princess Cruises, Seabourn and P & O Australia.

The only documents that Princess reimburses are the Visa, whether it is the C1-D or transit visas to countries such as Canada or Australia. It is important to keep the receipts of these procedures since the refund will be made once on board through the app “cruise service”

reimburses only for Visa expenses.

Two ways: cash (no deductions and tax free) or deposit in account opened by the company. Also it can be deposited (as already said) in an own account if this is US based.


Passport (minimum two years validity), Visa (1 year validity), medical exams and criminal background check.

Only when you have all these docs you will be considered “ready’ for the system and, hence, youcan be scheduled to embark.

In order to embark, you must have received 3 doses of the COVID vaccine. The most recent dose should not be administered more than 6 months prior. Please note that the approved vaccines by the company are Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson.

To embark with Princess Cruises, you definitely need the C1D Visa. Therefore, you will need to request the letters from us to obtain or renew the C1D Visa. These letters are to be submitted to the embassy along with any other documentation required by the consulate.

Documents, such as the contract, should be printed and signed by hand. When sending us the signed contract, you can scan it or take a clear photo showing all details. The physical copy of the contract must be presented onboard. Digital signatures are not accepted.

The expiration date of mandatory documents for embarkation (C1D VISA, MEDICALS, PASSPORT) should have a validity of more than 6 months beyond the completion of your contract.


A form must be completed at least 45 days prior to the embarkation date, and proof of the new home address must be provided.

In case of emergencies with your flights or at the airport, please contact CREW TRAVEL urgently via phone or WhatsApp at the following number: 1-206-262-5800. Alternatively, you can reach out by email at [email protected].

Welcome Letters are the letters to show at the hotel where you will spend the night prior to embarkation. These hotels are reserved and paid for by the company.

Port Agents are only available at some embarkation ports (where no contracted hotel is available, hence no Welcome Letter). They are responsible for arranging a hotel for you to rest the night before embarkation. Port Agents will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to the hotel reserved by them.


Each one of you will receive detailed information about clothing and personal items, which the company doesn’t provide.

This is called “the own supply list” and there is one for every position.

To be able to embark with your mate, one of you need to have a minimum of 18 months with the company. Then, once embarked, you should present yourself at the Crew Office and fill up the Companion Link form.

Yes. The 24 X 7 on board nurse covers minor injuries and clinic symptoms.

If there is a more serious event, the crewmember is taken to a specialized clinics or hospital, along the ports of call. Or even he/she can be sent back to country of origin for a longer and more proper treatment. Once the crewmember is declare & fit for Sea duties, he/she can re-embark.

Yes. The cabins are shared by two persons. Higher positions such as Managers o or Officers are personal.

Lodge, food and medical insurance are provided by the company. Alcohol, tobacco and personal expenses are not included.

Yes. Princess Cruises will open a bank account from where the crewmember can transfer money or can also send money through Money Gram or Western Union. If the crewmember has already an US based account, the company will deposit the money in that account.

In the case of Seabourn, the company transfers directly to the account that you indicate.


Please send us your latest Appraisal only if it indicates that you have been recommended for promotion in your respective department.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are unable to embark, please provide a 30-day advance notice. Otherwise, you will be removed from the company’s database.



The Crew Member is responsible for maintaining contact with Selection Partners. Failure to respond may result in removal from the system.

If you need more time onshore, there are two possibilities: informing us of your inability to embark and providing evidence of the reasons, including the exact date of your return to onboard duties. If the period exceeds 6 months, you will be removed from the system but can reapply based on your performance onboard (subject to the company’s discretion).

In any port of the world, where the ship you are assigned to, is docked.

They have an average length of 6 months for South America and 9 months for Central America.

Holidays are 2 months duration and may vary depending on the needs of the company.

The contracts start at embarkation moment and finish when you disembark. Vacations are not paid.

The time may vary from 1 week to 5 months depending vacancies on board.

Usually crewmember receives notice from 1 to 2 months before departure. But on emergencies embarkation may be immediate so you have to be ready to split.

No, assignations may be in any of the company ships and may vary depending on the vacancies on board.

Yes. After the 2 nd month of the 2 nd contract and through the CRUISE CONNECTION PROGRAM, you may complete an application that is sent to head office to be evaluated. If approved, you will embarked in the new position in the next contract (3rd contract).

Be aware that if you are not approved for the desired position, you wouldn’t be allowed to apply agin for the next 6 months.

Princess does not accept requests for cruise changes.