Why work on a Cruise

Why work on a cruise?

Why is working on a cruise ship attractive?

Travelling on a cruise is available to many more families than in the past, maintaining the magic and charm that has always surrounded this holiday.

Consequently, the demand for these type of holidays has increased in recent years and, in order to satisfy it, several companies have emerged and others have established in their markets and / or geographic areas.

But something has not changed and it is a sine qua non to continue to attract potential passengers: quality of service.

But what is a cruise?

Cruises are essentially floating hotels, overall 5 star, providing traditional services of a hotel first line, plus the addition of numerous attractions, usually not available in a 5 star hotel: theater performances, movies, video services and complete photography boutiques are some of them.

And all this requires educated people, high capacity for work, with an excellent English proficiency and above all, a great attitude passenger – service.

The dedication is complete, every day of the week. The crew should even attend training sessions and further training.

What do these companies offer as compensation?

In general, leading companies offer salaries that do not fall below the 1000 USD plus the benefits of any big company: one-way tickets to and from the port of embarkation, insurance, full board, entertainment on board for leisure and, in some cases, continuing with studies in the field of hospitality for those who want it.

And there’s something extra that no other companies have: the itineraries of these cruises include some of the most unique landscapes and beautiful places in the world.

Places you would never visit, even if we had the money to do so.

And how long is the boarding time?

Contracts rarely exceed 6 months, with 2 months off before continuing with another contract, if both parties (company and crew) desire.

For all this, for all those graduates from any of the hotel careers, fine dining or simply for those who have dedicated to tourism and passenger to the fullest, working on cruise passenger ship represents an opportunity to give a jump, not only professionally but also economically.