Chef de Partie

As a Chef de Partie, you will assist the Sous Chef in ensuring the designated job duties are always completed correctly and promptly according to our company standards, policies and procedures.

Position Highlights

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher course (minimum 2 years duration) in Gastronomy
  • Previous experience of 3 years in luxury restaurants, 5* hotels or on board in management positions, with people in charge.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Advanced English exclusive. Bilingual language management.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Supervises product delivery in assigned Galley station, ensuring quality and consistency by always requiring adherence to Company recipes, adequate production quantities, correct execution methods, and picture presentation as the minimum standard.
  • Continually ensures product execution in the assigned section through control of mise en place during the preparation and frequent tasting, as instructed by the Executive Chef or his / her representative.
  • Always ensures that assigned section recipe files are maintained and available to assigned staff. 
  • Effectively supervises assigned Galley staff during operational activities, as directed by the Executive Chef or his / her representative, including monitoring compliance with production and storage requirements such as temperature / blast-chiller log recording.
  • Always creates an effective and efficient daily production schedule for assigned section, under the direction of the Executive Chef or his / her representative, as required by the itinerary and various outlets.
  • Continually trains and coaches assigned staff correct production methods and skills, culinary techniques, menu and recipe knowledge, product-holding techniques, and presentation and delivery of the product.
  • Ensures batch cooking/preparation process is practiced to eliminate waste.
  • Always meets cost targets as directed by the Executive Chef or his/her representative.


  • Must have at least five years of experience in the galley with at least two years of experience as Demi Chef de Partie a high production culinary environment at a large Food and Beverage establishment and or Cruise Ship
  • Must possess a formal qualification in culinary arts from a recognized culinary training institution
  • Must possess the ability to supervise multicultural crew members