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    As IT Officer, you will be managing and supporting IT systems and operations onboard to provide maximum system uptime. Partner with shoreside IT management on technology advancements and projects, delivering service excellence, and prompt service delivery in line with the Company’s Core values.

    Provides IT systems support, maintenance, and monitoring always to maintain optimal system performance and uptime.

    Maintains current inventory documentation of IT equipment on board and ensures sufficient working spares are in stock. Ensures Company IT equipment is deployed as directed or securely stored and maintained in working order.

    Sets up IT equipment for embarkation promptly and assists with the transfer of data and all other IT functions associated with boarding.

    Monitors and maintains compliance with the IT system and software licensing on board and promptly reports findings to shoreside IT management.

    Maintains the security of the Data Center and access control to systems.

    Applicants must have at least two years’ related experience in areas of user support within a medium-sized LAN (ship’s expertise is highly preferred). Thorough knowledge of computer systems including but not limited to Linux, MS Office, Windows Client, and Server editions are required; Experience troubleshooting PC hardware, software applications, and network connectivity is a must. BS or higher in computer science, MIS, or related field is strongly preferred.  Additional IT Certification such as Comp TIA A+ / Comp TIA Network and CCENT (The Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician certification) is also highly preferred.

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