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    Effectively supports medical team with non-specialized clinical tasks

    Performs basic triage, verification of patient details, recording medical history, allergies, and purpose of visit.

    Performs vital signs

    Assists the medical team in basic patient care, including but not limited to:

    Taking specimens such as blood, urine and nasal samples including for COVID-19 and Influenza, Processing point-of-care (POC) tests, and operating point of care laboratory equipment, Phlebotomy, Urinalysis, Wound dressings

    Assisting with moving patients, personal hygiene tasks and activities of daily living such as bathing and feeding

    Patient education including medication and use of mobility devices

    Performing ECG’s under medical supervision

    Registers patients and obtains patient information and billing authorization.

    Schedules appointments and health visits for crew and guests.

    Provides telephone support and refers messages accurately and in a timely manner as needed.

    • Work experience as a licensed practice nurse (LPN), Health Care Assistant (HCA) or equivalent role (such as enrolled nurse) or above, or Emergency Medical Practitioner (EMT) or equivalent, or Laboratory Technician
    • Knowledge of healthcare regulations desirable
    • Understanding of basic medical terminology and patient confidentiality.
    • Experience with administrative procedures.
    • Assist Medical Administrator
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