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    Sommelier / Wine Tender

    Sommelier’s help enhance our guests’ dining experience by recommending the right wines for every meal. You must also be skilled in up-selling techniques to promote and improve beverage sales. Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, providing wine service to guests in the restaurant, buffet restaurant and will be assigned to work in our café’s and specialty restaurants during breakfast and lunch. Additionally, you will be responsible for restocking the wine cellar daily, as well as helping to load wine to the ship once a week. If you have experience in a similar role (or an equivalent combination of experience and education), exceptional wine and food-pairing knowledge, a passion to please mindset and a guest “first” team oriented personality, join us on board and we will propose a toast to your success!


    • Minimum of five years beverage-related experience (shipboard experience preferred), or an equivalent combination of experience and education.
    • Ability to speak English clearly, distinctly and cordially with guests.

    Duties include the cleaning and sanitizing of his/her working area and working utensils following the United States Public Health rules and regulations and all times

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