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    Selection Partners is the only agency approved and certified in Argentina by the International Maritime Organization (OMI) related to the Maritime Labor Convention for crewmembers effective from August, 20th, 2013.



    He/she Assists the Bar Supervisor in providing quality service to all passengers as per company standards.

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    Utility F&B

    Daily assists in the preparation of the place of the assigned bar. Deliver all the utensils required by the Bar supervisor (such as liquors, food, etc.) to the place of the bar with precision in time and in good condition.

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    Cruise Entertainment Staff

    Hosts and participates in shipboard recreational, entertainment and social programs geared towards adults and families. Serves as master of ceremonies to motivate, inform and entertain small and large groups of guests throughout their cruise vacation.

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    Sports Staff

    Promote an active lifestyle on board among our guests by encouraging them to participate in recreational activities for different age groups. You will organize and host sports-related activities throughout the day, while putting safety first at all times.

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    Youth Counselor Staff

    The Youth Staff department offers an exciting program for children and teenagers from 3 to 17 years old. This department offers a variety of activities, including games, sports, science workshops and educational programs.

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    1st Commis

    The 1st Commis reports to the Sous Chef and is usually assigned to work under the direct supervision of a Demie Chef Du Partie.

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    2nd Commis

    The person in this position works under the supervision of the Partie Chef and must report to the Sous Chef.

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    Chef de Partie

    The person in this position supervises all the kitchen staff in his section, making sure that his section has all the necessary utensils and that all the equipment works properly.

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    Commis Baker

    In this position you will work under the direct supervision of a CDP Bakery and / or any member of the Bakery department as instructed by the Chief Baker.

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    Commis Pastry

    The person in this position works under the supervision of the Partie Chef and must report to the Sous Chef.

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    Housekeeping attendant

    Responsible for providing the highest standard of service, cleanliness, sanitation and good order in all designated public areas, outside decks or any other areas, as designated by the supervisor and in accordance with company policy.

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    Housekeeping Utility

    It provides the highest standard of cleaning and sanitation in all designated areas (crew or passenger) that may include passenger or officer cabins, corridors, cabinets, pantries, stair lifts, toilets, decks and sleeves.

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    Stateroom Steward/Stewardess

    It is the person responsible for providing the highest level of service, cleaning, sanitation and maintenance for the passenger’s room as designated by the supervisor and in accordance with company policies.

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    Onboard photography is primarily centered on portrait and event photography, using both natural locations and onboard studio setups with backdrops and studio lighting.

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    Food and Beverage Operations Excellence Controller

    Help us deliver the best food and beverage experience to our guests! You will ensure compliance with meal plans, food production SOPs, and sustainability management policies by conducting inspections, audits, and assessments. You will collect and manage data and monitor automated resources and information systems.

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    Sommelier / Wine Tender

    Sommelier’s help enhance our guests’ dining experience by recommending the right wines for every meal. You must also be skilled in up-selling techniques to promote and improve beverage sales. Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, providing wine service to guests in the restaurant, buffet restaurant and will be assigned to work in our café’s and specialty restaurants during breakfast and lunch.

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    It is the person who is responsible for food and beverage service to passengers in the dining room and in all those areas indicated by the department supervisor.

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    Beauty Specialist

    As a Beauty Associate, you will be responsible for presenting a unique retail experience at sea in line with the Company’s brand strategy and customer service expectations while achieving or exceeding budgeted financial goals. Our progressive Boutiques department meets ongoing high standards by focusing on innovation, integrity, accountability, and, above all, customer service.

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    Retail Manager and Assistant Retail Manager

    Provide leadership for Cruise Ships ($10 million+ annual revenue) onboard retail shops to promote and model our high quality retailing standards, continuously driving maximum sales results, superior guest service, talent development and engagement.

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    Stage Crew

    He/she performs duties as assigned in the Princess Theatre, plus rotate into other facilities and areas as required.

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    General Galley Steward

    The Stewarding department is responsible for meticulously maintaining hygiene and sanitation standards in all areas of the kitchen, ensuring that operating procedures are maintained and adhered to at all times.

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    Crew Welfare Coordinator

    The Crew Welfare Coordinator is responsible for the coordination and facilitation of crew activities and programs which enhance the onboard experience of our shipboard employees.

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    Guest and crew medical care for minor to major emergency situations as well as the general medical care of all crew members including preventative medicine and care of chronic conditions while reporting necessary cases to the different port and health authorities of the different ports of call.

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    This person is expected to provide medical nursing services to all Guests and Crewmembers who need it. The Nurse shall assist the Staff Captain, Senior Doctor, Doctor and Chief Nurse in all shipboard health-related matters including outbreak prevention, and illness reporting as required by international, national and Company policies.

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    DECK and TECH


    AB Helmsman,  Bosun,  Deck AB,  Deck Clerk,  Deck Petty Off, Fitter Hotel,  Fitter Mechanic,  Fitter Refrigeration, GP Deck Crew,  GP Engine Crew,  Motorman,  Plumber,  Seaman General Purpose 1,  Seaman General Purpose 2, Security Guard,  Security Officer,  Security Supervisor,  Sr Carpenter,  Sr Electrical Fitter,  Sr Electronics Technician,  Sr Galley Steward,  Sr Plumber,  Sr Security Guard,  Technical Clerk,  Waste Disposal Operator,  Waste Disposal Supervisor,  Wiper,  Workteam Fitter Hotel

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