A meeting to reflect

A few days ago I could meet Nathalia Sennes. She had applied like 4 years ago for a position in the duty free shop. At that moment her English Language was not to good…But she could be successful in the interview with the representative of Starboard. Then she had her assignment to embark and could finish her first contract. Nathalia told me that she was very nervous at the very beginning but she did a great effort doing her job and she found out that it was her passion. In our meeting she told me how she kept growing. She changed the company and she participated in the launching of several ships with that company. Now she wants to change to the entertainment area. She has the personality for that job and that is why once again she is applying with us for the Cruise staff position.

All her story made me think how her life change from the moment she approached to Selection Partners. It was like “the life before and the life after”. I had a great satisfaction to know about her enthusiasm and thankfulness.

Sometimes we are not aware of how we can influence and contribute to change the lives of so many people…

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