A great family!

The first word that comes to my mind for Princess Cruises is family…

“Home far from home”

Princess showed me more than ever that it was my family when I got stuck on board for a long time due to the pandemic.

When I was on board for 45 days, I never felt lonely, most of the time, my captain, hotel manager, entertainment director, manager, and friends were there to support me during this experience. It was not easy at all, things changed every day, everything was very unstable, it was a challenge to cheer up us, but we made it as a family. We were together, we kept us strong and as my captain HeikkiLaakkonen told us every day “The sun will shine again” and it shone when I came back home in a charter flight.

When I arrived home, I continued feeling that support, my agency Selection Partners was there with me too. Especially Facundo, he used to ask me every day how I was doing, if I needed something or whatever it happened, he cared a lot about us during our quarantine time until we came back to our houses. Even now he keeps us informed about latest news.

I feel so proud to belong to this big family that care of us. I cannot wait to sail again with Princess!

Youth Staff Peru 

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