Great announcement from Royal Caribbean!

We have an important role in the recruitment and retention of great crew talent.  We are committed to keep our new hires informed and prepared for their exciting journey ahead, assisting them with all the required documentation to be travel ready. Since the moment we started working for Royal Caribbean, we have had empathy for our candidates having so many expenses to finally get on board.  That is why we have been asking the company to reduce these expenses.

And we did it!  We are excited to share the great announcement that we received from RCCL: . As of July 1, 2023, newly hired Hotel crewmembers will have their joining ticket covered by the Company. RCCL will also cover the associated travel expenses at the joining destination.  

The joining travel expenses include airfare, hotel accommodation and ground transportation.  

We know that this change in the air-ticket policy will help a lot to get more and better candidates.

Graciela Bidone

International Operations Manager

Selection Partners

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