Something to know before embarking….

• Before you join your ship, you need to be aware of the threat of human trafficking and the

consequences of desertion.

• Out of concern for your safety and well-being, this conversation is a requirement for all new

and returning crew members.


• Human traffickers often try and lure team members into jumping ship, to work in the country

illegally. They offer jobs and protection from authorities, but this is a lie; they don’t care about

you and they can’t protect you.

• Desertion is when a team member fails to join their ship or return flight home in order to stay

and work in the country illegally.


• Jumping ship may seem like an opportunity, but in reality, deserters:

– Are forced to work and live in unsafe conditions

– Are paid less than the cost of living

– Have no legal access to benefits or help

– Are always on the run from authorities

– Are deported to their home countries as criminals when caught

– Have their visas revoked, losing the ability to travel or work outside their home countries

– Are made to pay all legal and deportation costs, as high as $35,000 USD; these costs are

often passed on to their families.

– Put other crew members at risk of losing shore leave or even job opportunities.

What to do if there is a concern

• If you are thinking about jumping ship, don’t. It’s not worth the risk and cost to you and

those you care about.

• If you have been contacted by anyone inviting you to jump ship to work for them, or if you are

contacted any time to do so, you must report.

• You will never be in any trouble for being invited to jump ship or for reporting any contact from

anyone inviting you to desert.

• Information about how and where to report is in your “Welcome Aboard” packet.

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