Ever wondered what it’s like to trade in your cozy holiday traditions for a Christmas at sea?

The holiday spirit is alive and well on board. The ship gets a full festive makeover, with decorations that make you feel like you’re in a floating winter wonderland. Lights, tinsel, the whole shebang—it’s a Christmas extravaganza on the high seas.

Sure, you’re far from home, but fear not! You’ve got a new family on board. The crew is a diverse bunch, each with their own knack for adventure. Christmas away from home? Absolutely. Christmas alone? Never. Your shipmates become your holiday tribe!

Inside the ship, it’s all about that festive vibe. The crew lounge turns into a Christmas hub with twinkling lights, a towering tree, and the smell of gingerbread cookies hanging in the air. Gather with your newfound family, share stories, and maybe engage in a friendly snowball fight (virtual, of course, if you’re in a warmer climate).

As a crew member, you’re part of a floating community. Picture Christmas carols in different languages, shared laughter, and a spirit of giving that knows no boundaries. You’re not just celebrating; you’re creating unforgettable experiences for passengers, making each journey a holiday memory in the making.

So, if you’re up for experiencing a Christmas under the stars, consider joining our crew. Forget the poetic nonsense—this is the real deal. Adventure, friendships, and a holiday spirit that travels with you wherever you go. Sail with us and make this Christmas one for the books!

Cielo Passet

Recruitment Analyst Jr.


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