Princess takes care of the crewmembers…

The quality of life at sea is important to morale and their well-being, and that is why the company worked on several initiatives related to:

  • New options for affordable internet with a variety of plans available to team members
  • Expanded access to guest areas being able to visit guest areas when not on duty – take in a show at the World Stage, enjoy a live performance by one of the bands on Music Walk, visit one of the bars and have a drink, or have a meal in one of our award-winning restaurants or Dining Room; or use the gym during designated hours.
  • New outdoor recreation areas. Those spaces have a large social gathering area with comfortable seating and tables (including outlets for charging phones and tablets) that can be used for parties and events. There is also an area nearby designated for smoking.
  • Communal dining with the commitment of enhancing team member dining and prioritizing the quality of the product and service provided – it is equally as important as any guest dining venue or bar.
  • Alternative to bottled water developing an initiative to install filtered water machines in team member social areas as well as the Engine Control Room and the Bridge.  This will provide 24-hour access to fresh, filtered water at no cost
  • Expanded Team Shop with a much wider selection of food, beverages, and other important items for sale.
  • COVID protocols reviewing these guidelines to determine how they impact us, with the goal of maintaining a safe ship while lessening restrictions on guests and the team members.

“Senior leaders are committed to making decisions that support the well-being of our crew and the success of the company”

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