1. In an absolutely changing and uncertain world, the work on board in Cruise ships gives labor and salary guarantees. If the crew member meets the requirements established for the position they wish to apply for, the job provides absolute security and stability.
  2. It allows you to save money in a very simple way and so quickly, in a world where it is so difficult to do so. Various fixed monthly expenses such as electricity, water, food, lodging, are absorbed by the company directly and safely.
  3. You can interact with people from the most remote places in the world, developing your social and emotional skills and capacities!
  4. It allows you to grow within your department, rising in rank and of course, increasing your salary level. The work is hard but the experience is worth risking.
  5. By allowing yourself to develop socially, and being constantly exposed, your level of English will develop exponentially. You will not only speak with native English people, but with people from all over the world who speak and communicate in English. You can learn fluently and practically languages ​​that you are interested in learning.
  6. In your free time, you can get off at the ports, get to know places near them and enjoy beautiful landscapes around the world. Not everyone has a chance to do it! In addition, the cruises have various sources of entertainment for the crew, such as large and comfortable gyms, where they can get off the routine gracefully.
  7. Important work experience for your curriculum vitae, allowing you to grow in other jobs, if you are looking for it. No matter the position you worked for, if you did it with will and dedication, it will be of great help to you.
  8. When most people have between one and two weeks of vacation, you, working on board, will have between six and nine weeks. If you want to extend, you can do it through a program established by the company. Very easy to do it!
  9. With the wide and diverse environment that cruise ships have, it is easy to make friends, partners, boyfriends or girlfriends, why not? Your social ties will grow significantly and you can never forget them.
  10. The crossings of the itineraries are throughout the world, and you can have the unprecedented experience of knowing many territories, landscapes and seas that few people can actually access to, such as Alaska, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean Sea, Australia, among many others.
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