What we need in the communication of our crewmembers

As you know, my name is Federico Abalo, and I manage the embarkations of the Hondurans and the Peruvian Assistant Waiter and Jr Waiter. I would like to tell you how to make our team to understand better and quicker your needs and concerns, so that we can solve them as soon as possible. First, when you send us an email, to identify yourself instantly, you must enter in the subject box: employee number, full name, nationality and position on board.

Second, if we have been talking about a particular topic in a chain of mails, please continue it. In this way, we can have access to our last conversations, and this will refresh our memory by reading the previous emails we had been sending each other. It simplifies and speeds up the communication between our agency and you.

Also, remember that we are talking with approximately 80 to 100 crew members per day, so we need your concerns to be written SIMPLE AND BRIEFLY. We have received several mails, with repeated requests, and explanations that we do not need in order to help you. This, not only delays the solution that we will provide you, but it can also confuse us.

Thank you very much for your support, hope you have an excellent experience on board!

Federico Abalo
Embarkation Administrator
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