Can crew members be allowed to disembark before the end of the contract?

Any crew member can get off before concluding his contract, if he has any problem that does not allow him to fulfill his contract. That is, there is no coercion. If any worker has any family, economic, personal inconvenience, or any medical problem, you have the possibility to talk with your Manager on board and finalize the contract when your wishes merit it. The question they can imagine is if they have the opportunity to return, and the answer is absolutely affirmative. They must send to their administrator a document that justifies the cause for which they decided to download, their CV in English, the last Appraisal of their contract, and after the evaluation by Human Resources in Head Office of the documents sent, they will be reopened in the database. It should be mentioned that if there are no vacancies available, its re-engagement may take longer.

There is a central theme to highlight that is the payment of the flights. Depending on the reason why they do not comply with the contract, the company can make them pay for their return flights or not. An evaluation of the cause of the abdication of the contract is made. For example, if they went down due to medical problems it is Medical grounds, or due to the death of a direct relative, it is Compassionate Grounds, and in both cases the company guarantees the payment of the FLIGHTS.

For other reasons, the crew member must pay for their return flights. Many times the company pays them if the crew member can not do it. When it asks to be re-contracted, then it will have to pay for the debt generated by said flights, and until said debt has been paid, the re-hiring will not take place.

Facundo Minutella
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