Communication with administrators

We kindly ask all crewmembers to be patient with Companion Link requests, contract extensions, and requests to embark on a certain cruise. We do what we can, based on the SCHEDULE PROGRAM and the number of assignments that are requested for each position. It is essential that you make your request in English and we immediately, with all kindness, forward the email to Crew Scheduling or Operations. What we most and Really want is all crew can Join happily and can be work with care and efficiency, and in this way all parties benefit in the great work scenario that is Princess Cruises. The happiness of the crew makes us happy.

What you must take into account is that all crew members must manage a certain tolerance for discomfort when your requests are NOT fulfilled at the moment requested. We really do what we can. With patience and effort, we will always help you.


Minutella Facundo

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