During the pandemic we changed our work… We stopped embarking people… we had to repatriate all the crew members who had remained on board.  At that time we had about 1000 crew members… That task took a few months and our Billing down to “zero”.  We were able to sustain the company because we were betting on the “return to service”… but with a lot of uncertainty. We never imagined that when that happened it would be so dizzying… All companies returning to service with a very large demand for candidates or crew for all positions.  So we were able to board doctors, nurses and officers, positions we had never looked for.  The companies improved technology and protocols to ensure the well-being and health, not only of the passengers but also that of the crew. Today it seems that nothing has happened… but we know there was a pandemic… that left us some positive teachings such as valuing life and taking care of ourselves, not losing hope, knowing that effort has its reward…

Graciela Bidone

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