P&O Australia offers incentives as well!

There will be joining bonus for the positions below:

  • CDP (Chef de Partie) – AUD$1000
  • DCDP (Demi Chef de Partie) – AUD$1000
  • 1st Commis -AUD$500
  • 2nd Commis – AUD$250
  • Youth staff – AUD$500

The Joining Bonus will now apply to POA TMs in the above 5 x critical roles that join in the period 19 Sep- 28 Oct 2022 inclusive.  For your additional awareness / information this Joining Bonus will also be paid to those crew that are in these 5 x critical roles and were already onboard a POA ship on 19 Sep.   If contacted by crew in these critical positions that don’t have an assignment or have an assignment after 28 October but are available to join sooner they should be supported to find an assignment

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