Do I have to prepare myself for the interview?

Nowadays the technology has facilitated a lot the process of recruiting candidates. In the past as a recruiter, I had to travel to the different countries where we operated and the candidates had to travel to the office where the session of interviews had been scheduled. The chance of being able to use the computer for the interview, not only it has benefited all who select the candidates but also the candidates that can attend the interview being at home.

This new interview format has let us replace the face to face interview. Everything must work as we are one in front of the other. That is why the place that the candidate has chosen, has to be appropriate, without noise that can disturb the communication. As it is used a webcam for the interview, it is very important to have a good personal presentation that is very significant in hospitality.

The candidate has to have in mind that he/she will be asked about the education and about the experience. That is why he/she should have answers already prepared for those questions. It is not only relevant what the candidate says but also the way he says. This aspect is important at the moment of evaluating the attitude. The communication must be kind, not many gestures, and it is good to smile.

For all this I finally conclude answering the initial question: Yes, you must prepare yourself for the interview!

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