Have the experience holding the hand…

The experience has demonstrated that being on board many crewmembers go ahead and take the adventure of experiencing the love. That is why, through companion Link, a simple document that both crewmembers complete including all their data, it can be achieved that experience. That document is sent to Head Office for its approval and confirmation. The only requirement is that at least one of them has 18 months on board, that is 3 uninterrupted contracts. It is good to emphasize that there are not guarantees of 100 %, since the embarkations depend on the rotations and vacancies on board. It is true that with this tool that we provide them, it is probable that they can embark together and live together the wonderful experience visiting very nice and picturesqueplaces in the world. Not always they embark on the same date, but join the same ship, what is more significant for both. The companion link can be for couples, partners or friends!! A great adventure to live, enjoy and to share!

Facundo Minutella

Embarkation Administrator

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