USE WHATSAPP TO GET URGENT TRAVEL HELP! (Announcement from Princess)

Welcome Back – 0922

Travel does not always go as planned. To avoid problems at the airport, please confirm your flights and tickets at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure. Do this through the airline’s app, website, or phone. Before departure, work with your talent partner (manning agent) if you have questions about your flight or ticketing. For urgent support, you can chat with Crew Travel anytime using the WhatsApp Messenger app. Connect to Crew Travel in WhatsApp for free using the phone number 1-206-262-5800. The chat assistant will ask questions to collect details about your travel situation, including flight delays, ground transportation issues, hotel reservations, and lost luggage. Crew Travel agents will provide service, whether you chose to get help using chat in WhatsApp, calling by telephone (+1-206-262-5800), or sending an email to the team at [email protected] (PCL/POA), [email protected] (HAL), or [email protected] (SBN).

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