Returning home (by Nelly Tupac, Princess Cruises)

My name is Nelly Tupac. I am from Peru. My Employee number is 444555. I am working with Princess Cruises for 5 years. I have been in many places worldwide and work a lot as well. In this year Covid 19 came changing the world and bringing new challenges in many faces for me. In March 2020 I got informed that passengers are disembarking and no more embarking cause we will have a pause in cruise service. I was very surprised because I have never thought this situation would ever happen. Fortunately I was in great hands, I mean the company I work for was taking good care of us trying to repatriate my colleagues and me. I was living in a different way to keep everyone and myself safe. On April 28th I got repatriated to my country together with around 200 Peruvians. I did 14 days quarantine as the government requires for all people who come from outside the country for security reasons. Most of us crew members from Peru live in Lima. However some of us are from different places away from the capital the country, we weren’t able to just take a taxi and go home. I was one the crew who was stuck in Lima with no place to go because I come from the Peruvian Amazon, my city is called Iquitos. Suddenly we told our agent about this situation. Our agency is Selection Parters which is from Argentina. We contacted Mr Facundo Minutella who has very high communications skills, he gave us support and provided very good help during these difficult times. I really feel thankful for having him as my agent who also gives real and rapid answer. I feel so happy and lucky I can count of such a professional person. Now, I finally came back home after almost 3 months in Lima. I am looking forward to coming back on board giving the best service.

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