Staying healthy on board

We want you to always feel at home onboard. But Life at sea is different to life on land. Remember some rules you always should respect

We want you and the rest of our onboard family to feel safe, happy and respected. That’s why we want you to respect all the people policies onboard to avoid you getting off (signed off) the Vessel at the wrong time and losing your Job. You always have to read the Principal terms of employment, and the code of conduct documents in full. For instance: You cannot have intimate relations with another crew member at times that are not allowed, nor go to another cabin at inappropriate times. Another example: Incapacity due to the influence of alcohol may compromise the safety of the ship or of any other person on board. It could result in the loss of your Job as well as the harassment and retaliation. All employees are treated with dignity, courtesy, kindness and respect.

Another point to consider is staying healthy. When you are clean, healthy and hygienic you can stop illness from spreading. For instance: Food Safety and hygiene. Safety is always in your hands. The best way to help keep the Vessel healthy is to wash your hands regularly and properly.

Sickness can spread quickly onboard. We can stop it spreading by reporting sickness as soon as possible and cleaning up properly.

Facundo Minutella

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