Angelo Tramontana is one of the longest-serving team members at Selection Partners.  Before the pandemic Angelo was already working remotely and with the pandemic he left to Italy and since then he continued to work remotely from there.   While traveling through Spain, Angelo traveled to visit me.  It was a nice meeting because we hadn’t seen each other for more than two years.  And despite being on vacation we did nothing but talk about our crewmembers that are the reason why we get up every day. 

Angelo confessed that despite being on vacation, he was still alert in case there was an emergency.  

I thank Angelo for that dedication.  I also thank the other administrators (Facundo, Federico and Sebastian) who have often made arrangements outside their day or working hours; to Cielo that although it has been incorporated very recently she has assumed its role very successfully; and Sofia who has had very good initiatives reinventing her role. 

In the same way I appreciate the dedication of Julieta who because of the commitment to her work is reluctant to take her break, and helps me make many decisions; and Roberto whose contribution is also key.

Andrea Vila, our HR manager is the one who has helped me a lot in a renewal process of Selection Partners.  I am also very grateful to her.

Thank you Selection Partners team!


International Operations Manager

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