Junior Payroll Purser

This position is responsible to assist Administration Purser – Payroll and T&A for the accurate recording and process of Adonis shipboard payroll for all owner’s crew, as well as for the Import/Export process of overtime hours, distribution of payroll envelopes to crewmembers and the collection of crew folio balances.   Holds a float of  $10,000 in order to assist crewmembers with various cash requirements.  Responsible for assisting crewmembers with foreign currency exchange using the BOA/GFC (Global Foreign Currency) application. Semi-Monthly payroll for ALL shipboard departments as well as payments for sign off crewmembers.  Operates a float in order to collect and reimburse air ticket deposits, sell airline tickets, laundry tickets, provide change for crew, exchange foreign currency for crew, collection of crew folio balances, etc.


  • Ability to communicate tactfully and effectively with guests, department heads and crewmembers to foresee and resolve problems and negotiate resolutions.
  • Working knowledge of computers, Internet access, and the ability to navigate within a variety software packages such as Excel, Word, and Adobe Page Maker or related programs.
  • Completion of high school or GED required; university degree preferred.
  • Ability to speak English clearly, distinctly and cordially with guests.
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