I want to get on board, no matter the position!!!

I have heard this phrase several times…but it doesn’t work when it is a job on board. For every position, it is required to have experience related to the work to be done on board. In this way we make sure that the persons knows about the job…and it doesn’t happen that the candidate figures out that she or he is not the person for that job when getting on board.

Many candidates get on board in entry level positions with the expectation of growing within the company…And this is quite possible if it is done a good job and you make sure that your supervisor is aware of this.

Other candidates get on board with the hope of getting the desired position in another department being already on board. This is not impossible but it is not so easy…and it doesn’t depend on Selection Partners.

To be able to change the position or the department when you are already on board, you must wait till the second month of the second contract has just passed, due to Company policy. There is a program named Cruise Connection for this purpose. You must verify that the desired position is posted, and then you can apply. This is possible only when being on board and it is the only way to do it.

If everything is fine, and your application is approved, in your next contract you will be confirmed in the new position. As you can figure out, the change of the position or department can take you between 3 to 4 contracts…It is not impossible but it takes some time.

It is very important to have all this in mind at the moment of going ahead with an application to get a job on board.


International Operation Manager


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