Date to embark and new hire pack

Congratulations!!! If you received the New hire pack it means that you have an assignment to your first ship and Contract on board. In this Pack you will find informative documents for your assignment as well as documents that you must sign and forward to continue with the process.

In this stage the possibility is also evaluated, knowing already which is the Port of embarkation and depending on the Nationality of the crew member, of having to take a Visa Apart from Transit to reach the port in which it embarks. Common cases are Canada, Australia and New Zealand, where it is necessary to have a Transit visa which will allow you to arrive in the country, pass immigration and spend a night in the Hotel prior to boarding.

If necessary, two letters will be sent to repeat the process as in the case of the C1D Visa, and for this, the time necessary for this process will be taken into account when confirming the boarding date.

The following two documents, you must print them, sign them in handwriting, scan them and forward them to our office.

– Contract: this is the contract to sign at the beginning of each assignment. The contracts last the period you work on board. They are 6 months and at the end of the assignment the contract ends and you return to your country for a minimum of two months of vacation. After this period ends, you will be back in rotations for a new assignment.

– New Hire Checklist. This document, as its name indicates, is a checklist of useful things that you should know and confirm before your first assignment.

The following two documents are types of processes that you must carry out online. At the end of each process you will be granted a certificate that indicates the end of the process, from which you must send us a PDF image

– STCW or Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping.

In the case of companies such as Princess, an access link to an official website will be sent to carry out this process, which is free, lasts two hours and ends with a certificate issued.

In some companies such as Costa, for example, it is an International Security Training, which must be carried out in a specialized place in charge of trained people. For example, in Argentina such training is carried out with the Naval Prefecture. Carrying out such training can take a month with a high cost.

– Orientation PRE BOARD. In this case, a Link will be entered again to an official website of the online company, in which an orientation will be carried out and provide useful information on, Uniforms on board, rules, preparations for the trip, Life on board, Crew air, shops on board and Crew Card.

The rest of the documentation in the New hire pack will be useful information for each crew member.

– Own Supply. This document is one of the most important since, depending on the position in which it is embarked, it will detail a list of Items that each crew member must bring to his uniform on board. These items will be neutral clothing which one can get in your country, eg black dress pants, shoes, white shoes, white shirts etc. All that garment that has a distinctive referring to the company, logo, or specific color will be granted by the company on board. There are certain positions where% 100 of the Uniform will be awarded on board, Example Kitchen Positions among other departments. In those cases, the own supply will also provide useful information for each position or area of ​​work.

-Public Health Questionnaire and Crew health Declaration. Documents to be completed on personal health at the time of boarding

– FAQ Frequently asked questions. Useful information to know when boarding

– Code of Conduct, Rules and code of conduct on board.

– Security check for electronics. List of electronic objects at the time of boarding. These elements must be tested on board to avoid technical and electrical problems with daily use,

– On board Complaints Procedure. Manual of complaints procedures and on-board conduct processes.

– Packing List. Baggage orientation list for each crew member.

– Passport to Princess. Welcome company manual, useful information to know when boarding

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